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If you have never taken a trip to a third world country, I would very much encourage you to give it some serious thought.  It will change your life forever!     ~Pat

Pat's Amazing Mission Trip...

This March (2017) I went on a mission trip to
Haiti with Haiti Gates of Hope Mission.  I had
gone on four mission trips in past years, but
with a DIFFERENT group.  It has been 6 years
since my last trip.

My main purpose was to meet the children in
the orphanage and interact with them.  What
a delight they are! We had such fun and
when those happy faces looked up to me
and said "thank you" in English or bumped
​their fists with me, it touched my heart. 

We had fun acting out Noah's Ark and doing
related craft projects, making beaded
necklaces which they even wore to church,
singing songs, doing the "Hokey-Pokey",
Chicken Dance, If You're Happy and You
Know It, and how they can sing my favorite

song "It Is Well With My Soul" (pah gay
​mahl poo nahm mway

Weeks before the trip was buying toys, dark skinned dolls, hair items, hot wheel tracks and little cars, color books and crayons along with Tootsie Pops and Dum Dums.  They love their sweets.  I also took English/Creole story books which they shared while sitting on their veranda. 

The last visit was special as each child was given a little bag of Corn Curls.  What a delight to watch them open the bags and devour the curls and tear the bag open and lick the inside. 

These experiences are forever engraved in your hearts and make me want to go back again.  Interested in joining me?  I would love to encourage you and share more of my experiences and what I have learned.  Please feel free to 
email me

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Haiti Gates of Hope Mission (HGOM) is a charitable, non-profit organization that works in partnership with people in Haitian communities to help them make their present better, and help them learn skills which can bring change for a brighter, more self-sustaining future.

Haiti Gates of Hope Mission is based in Winter Park, Florida. Our work area is concentrated in Pignon and surrounding communities. The mission’s focus and goal is to work with the local people and their communities to provide for their current critical needs and work with them to help train and empower them to care for themselves by: 

  • Caring for orphaned & abandoned children and widows

  • Identifying and implementing economic development strategies to cultivate self-sustaining communities where we work

  • Mentoring churches and pastors

  • Training leaders

  • Translating teaching and training materials