Our Philosophy: Build Skills That Change Lives


  • Work with the local people in every way possible as needs are identified to help them develop skills and create sustainable lifestyles for themselves and their communities

  • Help establish workable budgets for each phase of work and require fiscal responsibility for the Children's Home (orphanage), Schools, Churches, and Economic Development projects

  • Help develop self-sustaining projects that will provide work and income to sustain individuals, families, communities, churches and the Children's Home

We are striving to help the Haitian people to move beyond dependency to self-sufficiency by investing in education, vocational training, and self-sustaining projects.

We require the people involved to participate in all stages of projects from start to finish: planning, budgeting, implementing, and maintaining or further development. We believe this model will develop "independent" rather than a "dependent" people.

While we believe that "relief" efforts are necessary at times, we don't believe that continued "relief" efforts alone are the solution to moving Haiti forward.

Providing training and direction and, in turn, requiring responsibility from the communities and participants, we can help them develop skills and the ability to make a lasting change in their lives and the future of Haiti. 

Our Goals: Identify talents within the local churches and communities

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