Jaffet Perez and Russell Driver have been working together in the Pignon area of Haiti since early 2010 with a small group of leaders desiring a more in depth study of the scriptures.

There are a large number of very hard-working dedicated individuals doing their best to glorify the Lord; however, there has been a large vacuum of in-depth solid studies of the scriptures, so we have been working with these individuals by providing in-depth training, mentoring, and leading. 

​​​​​​All together we are working with leaders from about 12-15 different congregations in the central plateau region of Haiti. The preachers travel mostly by foot or small motorcycle when one is available.

Employment in Haiti especially for the preacher is very minimal at best. Most of them work at whatever they are able to find that will generate some income to help support their families and ministries. The four main churches we work with are located in Pignon, Bouquerone, St. Michele, and Labissenthe.