• Genold lives in and works in Pignon and travels by foot or with a used motorcycle when available. He tries to take his family with him as often as possible but if they have to walk it is difficult, especially during the rainy season. When a motorcycle is available they are able to get there without any major issue. Genold and his wife Cleanta Victorin are presently living at the home for the orphan and needy children; they are overseeing the care of the children along with DieuSeul Anes and his wife Elta.
  • The chuch has a building that is secure and accommodating even though it is rather small. The membership here is about 200-250. 
  • Every 4th Sunday we have baptism and we have a revival to announce the baptism.
  • Every Wednesday and Thursday we have bible study with the church.
  • Every Saturday we have training for the leaders.
  • Sunday afternoon we train married ladies bible study and we evangelize house to house on Friday.
  • Every December we have a revival and Sunday class feast.
  • In July we have summer camp and Bible study with the children.
  • We need to reinforce construction of the church because the wall of the place where we gather is about to collapse. We also need a generator for the church and other equipment.
  • Our goal is to also build a school for the community since there are no schools available in this area.

Labissenthe is about another hour and a half from Pignon on the same road to Bouqerrone. It is located in a remote rural area and difficult to reach, especially during the rainy season. Very rough and difficult roads to travel with no bridges.

Minister: Genold Compere

Brother Genold Compere is from Labyssainthe. He attended primary school and secondary school in St Raphael. He is married and has seven children, five boys and two girls.  In 2014 he remarried; his first wife died in 2012. He has a son with his new wife Cleanta Victorin. He has been ministering for 27 years.

Assistants: Polner Eduard, Deacon; Wilto Auximil, Deacon; Madame Polner Eduard, Deacon; Madame Darius Elimene, Deacon; Obenson Trema, Deacon.