Whether you choose a one-time or recurring donation, ANY amount you can provide will help feed and clothe and provide housing and education for these children. It costs $35/month to feed and clothe each child. Any amount above that helps pay for caring staff, facility needs and education. 

Current list of children to which we provide orphan care and education

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When we put together the statistics of education (or lack thereof) especially of the women and then take the average life of the Haitian male is about 52-54 years, it is understandable that there would be a number larger than average number of widows with children that they are unable to adequately care for. 

The result is that many are put out in the streets to try to find some way to help supply the needs of the family. Many times that results in vulnerable young girls being exploited and taken advantage of. This has a domino effect because these young girls are also unable to support the children that result from these situations.

The question arises about how to help in these situations. It is no small task to say the least. 

However, one of the ways that we are trying to implement is to, first verify and document as much information as we are able about each individual and/or family.

We do this in an effort to be as sure as possible that we are not being asked to help in situations that we believe are unwarranted or just simply someone looking for a handout.

Needless to say that is not an easy task and it must be carried out by the local men and women of the churches. After a reasonable effort has been made and it is determined to be legitimate then consideration is made to allow someone to be admitted into the widow’s program.

ORPHANAGE is a term we have decided to use for describing the children served at the facility in Pignon Haiti that we help maintain. Since in Haiti the term “orphan” is used very loosely, it is our desire to verify and classify information concerning each child we are working with.

There are many who are pronounced to be orphans who in reality are abandoned, neglected, or children from a home where possibly there is a single parent (usually a mother) who has no way of supporting herself or any children she may have.

Since there are no social programs in Haiti that provide any kind of assistance to the needy, this responsibility of assisting both widows and orphans or needy children falls on the shoulders of churches and other humanitarian organizations.

While we understand it is a virtual impossibility to solve all of the problems that surround us, nevertheless it still challenges us to at least do our part concerning those with whom we are directly involved as we work with certain congregations or churches.  The leaders in these churches feel a great need as they witness the struggles of so many that are under their guidance, and they feel compelled to do something.  This is also a very significant part of our testimony within the communities where we are laboring.